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Japanese Lanterns

Our Story

Gaining most of his experience in Austin, TX, Chef Jason spent years traveling as a touring musician and working all parts of the service industry. In his ventures Chef Jason experienced new cuisines and cultures, Chef Jason felt deeply connected to the Japanese culture and was inspirited to create his own dishes, most notably, his own ramen. After his son Xander was born, Chef Jason retired from music and sought to get back to his roots in McAllen Tx. With a deep passion for the Japanese culture and both him & his son born the year of Dragon, it moved him to open the first ramen bar in his hometown. Thus, Chef Jason brought his talents down to the RGV and opened Dragon Warrior Ramen Shop in November of 2017. Through Dragon Warrior Noodle, Chef Jason seeks to honor the Japanese culinary tradition by being a zero waste kitchen, while using traditional Japanese techniques to create his recipes. Dragon Warrior Ramen Shop prides itself in being a scratch kitchen, with all food being made fresh daily. Chef Jason aims to bring a new elevated experience to the RGV, through his passion and love of the culinary arts. 

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