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Omakase Chef's Table

In Japanese, Omakase translates to “respectfully leaving another to decide what is best”, referring to a meticulously crafted dinner curated by a head sushi chef which makes Omakase a superior dining experience.

At Dragon Warrior Noodle at the Point, Chef Jason Jon will take your senses on a world tour of unique flavors, textures, and stories with a selection of the highest grade fish from all around the world (all sustainably resourced), including Ike-Jime caught and shipped overnight from New Zealand, Japan, Hawaii, Baja, and other destinations.

Reserve a place for more than just a meal.

Observe Chef Jason and his passion at work as he demonstrates smooth knife skills, rice shaping, and dish preparation at the table in a majestic cooking performance. The stories and recommendations that Chef Jason shares with you adds to the intimate dining experience with details and information pertaining to every course.


Reserve your seat at the chef’s table, and prepare yourself for an exquisite, world class dining experience, only at Dragon Warrior Noodle at the Point.

How To Make Reservations

Booking for the Omakase Chef's table is currently available for the following dates:


$225 per couple

Includes 10 course meal and complimentary sake drinks

*All seats at the Chef's Table require a $50 deposit per person.

Please send deposits for you and your guests via Cashapp and mention the date, time, and party size in the description.

CashApp ID:


Thank you!

-Chef Jason

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